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Guidelines for Applying for the Stanley Stone Special Grant: 
This annual award of $5,000 will support a selected outstanding Negev resident, associated with a registered amuta in Israel who best meets the following criteria:


Stanley stone

Application deadline: March 10,2023.

Decision will be made by: May 2023

Funding will be used to research, develop, execute or expand a creative, innovative solution to a social, economic or demographic problem unique to the Negev.

·       The solution/project has a strong lead young individual and involves collaborative efforts among organizations.

·       The developer of this initiative will attract additional funders for his/her ideas and solutions.

·       The individual must be associated with an NGO or amuta. Funds will be awarded to the organization for the benefit of the                   recipient to support the development of the solution.

        The organization applying, on behalf of the individual, must have be registered amuta in Israel and must have Nihul Takin status         with the Registrar of NGOs (Rasham HaAmutot).

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