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Renie Carniol

U.S Director


Odelia Karutchi

Israel Director

The Mack Ness Director-Israel leads the Fund in Israel to fulfill mission of the Mack Ness Fund. Her main responsibilities include- in collaboration with the council members, develops funding priorities.promotes annual grant funding opportunities and guides perspective grantees with understanding the Fund priorities and requirements. The Director assists the council with review of applications and selection of grantees, provides grantee assistance, leadership development and networking among grantees and monitors progress and success of granting efforts to meet population targets and strategic goals. Celebrating successes with grantees is a joy and privilege! Lastly, the director shares with the council members important updates on the grantees and educates them on current relevant issues.

The Mack Ness Director- US also leads the Mack Ness Fund in New Jersey to fulfill its mission. The Director-US also assists the council members in setting funding priorities, reviewing grant applications, leading the site visit trip to Israel, and facilitating grant payments through JAFI.

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