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Mack Ness fund grant making 


Track 1-

General Grant Cycle for NGO'S and "Amutot"

The Mack Ness Fund seeks proposals from Negev-based non-profit institutions with a clear vison for promoting economic development and a targeted approach that will grow and enhance the quality of life of the region’s population. We encourage applications from start-up, new organizations. In addition, we seek pilot programs and programs expanding in scale. Proposed programs must be innovative and address an issue that is a part of a complex ecosystem related to growth and sustainability of the broad Negev region and/or local municipalities.

The submitting organization should clearly describe the proposed impact of the project on the broad Negev region and/or local municipalities, types of economic development strategies and methodologies to be employed, changes that will be made, target population that will benefit, and range of partners to be associated with the initiative. Involvement of municipal leaders, quasi- governmental or governmental bodies, and other key leaders in the community is encouraged.


track 2 -

Strategic collaborative projects for municipalities and NGO'S

The Strategic Track requires one or more strong partnership collaborations and cooperation between municipalities, NGO’s AND associations. 

Applicants in the Strategic Track should clearly define and address one or more strategic and current needs which have been studied and prioritized in municipal or regional council committees such as economic development, planning, etc. 

The Ness Fund seeks applications with clear, focused and combined plans resulting in intentional and specific changes involving a targeted area/issue of the economic development ecosystem in the Negev. Priority is given to applicants that can show innovative solutions, opportunities to leverage the Mack Ness Funds, and intended long-term sustainability.

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